Colossal Cave

The first ever “interactive fiction” adventure game, Colossal Cave by William Crowther, is available for the QL. Tobias Fröschle obtained the sources from  and ported it to the QL.

(An earlier port of Colossal Cave by D. Stevenson is available to Quanta members on Quanta Library disk GS03)

Here’s the description from my website:

Colossal Cave – originally produced in the 1970s, this was the historic first “interactive fiction” game where you type in what to do next in simple English in a computer presented scenario. Originally written by William Crowther in 1975, enhanced in 1976 by Don Woods and ported to many computer systems since, it has now been ported to the QL by Tobias Fröschle. Play the role of someone exploring the Colossal Cave system in Kentucky, but beware, although there are rumours of gold and treasure, magic is afoot – you are in a twisty maze of passageways (all alike!)…

See the README_TXT file after downloading and unpacking the zip file for instructions – basically, point DATA_USE and PROG_USE to the directory containing the program files and execute the ADVENT_EXE program. (51K download)

It is now available from the Games page on my website: under the title Colossal Cave.

Screen dump from Sinclair QL port of Colossal Cave

Screen dump from Sinclair QL port of Colossal Cave


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