BMP 1.04

Thanks to Bob Spelten, an update of the BMP graphics converter is now available from the Graphics page on my website. Version 1.04 fixes a problem with conversion of Mode 33 images on Q68 (and probably Q40/Q60 too), which could result in incorrect colour conversion due to incorrect interpretation of the I bit.. The Files […]

Q68 Networking

Are you one of the lucky owners of a Q68 system? Would you like to network it to other QL and compatible systems with network ports? You’re in luck. Thanks to the foresight of Q68 designer Peter Graf, it was possible to make a small modification to the hardware to add a network socket, but […]

Greek QL User Guide

Thanks to Christos Kotampitsis, I’ve been able to add a scanned copy of the QL User Guide shipped with Greek versions of the QL. It comes in two parts. The book with the blue cover is the first part of the manual. The second book with the black cover is about the four Psion programs. […]

QL User and QL SUB

Thanks to Brian Kemmett, the remaining issues of QL User magazine have now been scanned and are online as PDF files. He has also done the QL SUB magazines.   We *think* this means that all issues of QL User and QL World are now scanned and online at last – if anyone knows differently […]

QL World magazine scans

Klaus Frank in Denmark has sent me a disk with further scans of QL World magazines. All of the 1992 and 1993 issues, plus the final five issues from 1994, when the magazine ceased publication. Klaus has also scanned the QL New User Guide, a 138 page document which originally appeared as a supplement from […]

ICEart and MiceArt

Damon Chaplin has kindly given permission for the ArtIce (v1.1) and MiceArt (v1.2) programs to be released as freeware now. Formerly published by Eidersoft, these programs are intended for use with the ICE (Icon Controlled Environment) system. Artice v1.1 is for the original ICE system, while MiceArt v1.2 is for use with the mouse version […]

Wallpaper Program

Recent versionsof SMSQ/E from about version 3.00 feature high colour and high resolution screens along with the new Window Manager. This makes them very suitable for displaying colourful and attractive background images behind your program windows. These images are called wallpaper. SBASIC provides a convenient to use command called BGIMAGE which lets you display saved […]