QDOS Version Number

In addition to the BASIC version returned by the VER$ function, the operating system itself has a version number. We’re probably all used ot the two or three letter (or in the case of Minerva 4 character) version number such as the ‘JM’ or ‘JS’ ROMs. QDOS version numbers are normally a 4-character string, such […]

Microsoft-Style BASIC Conversion

I was sent an unusual set of documents and programs recently. David Denham has put together a set of documents and procedures to help with converting the wealth of older BASIC listings out on the internet to QL BASIC. The documents list just about every keyword imaginable in the older PC BASICs (the document is […]

Toolkit 2

Thanks to the work and commitment of people like David Westbury, there has been a lot of interest recently in the¬†newer versions of Toolkit 2 supplied with disk interfaces such as the Trump Card. Users have successfully separated the Toolkit 2 from the disk interface ROM, although it’s not always straightforward since the toolkit is […]

Why WMAN2?

(Warning:This is quite a long posting!) Recently someone asked why I insist most of my newer software needs Window Manager 2? He went on to claim that it discriminates against users of a BBQL (black box QL) by forcing pointer environment onto everyone, and either version 2 of pointer environment or SMSQ/E at that. This […]