Spares And Repairs

I decided to have a quick look around at where you can get spares and repairs for the QL nowadays. For Ql repairs, try this site, called Mutant Caterpillar. It offers a QL repair service (and for other retro computers) from just under £70: Or you can access it through is […]

QL Serial And Joystick Plugs

The British QLs use an unusual type of plug and socket system for serial and joystick connection, which superficially looks like a BT telephone connector. But it is different – the angle and keying are different. The Samsung-made QLs sold in America and Germany are quite different and use 9-way D connectors, albeit with slightly […]


I’m still having a lot of success with the prototype QL-VGA board from Marcel Kilgus. To recap, it’s a board which allows the QL RGB output socket to be connected to a SVGA monitor, something which was difficult or impossible before this unless you had some form of SCART to HDMI converter, and even those […]

QL News Planet

Javier Guerra (“Badaman”) has launched a new QL news stream website. Access it at He says that he has created the “resource to keep up to date on the news of the Sinclair QL international blogs”, and that he has created it as “a personal resource” but hopes it will prove useful to others. […]