P.I.Cole 2 – The Invisible Case

P.I.Cole2-The Invisible Case – The second in Andrei Tenu’s P. I. Cole series of adventures for Sinclair QL and compatibles. You are the detective Cole and you have to find and retrieve a stolen item, in order to receive the reward paid by the insurance. The story then gets more complex, and much darker, as […]

Spares And Repairs

I decided to have a quick look around at where you can get spares and repairs for the QL nowadays. For Ql repairs, try this site, called Mutant Caterpillar. It offers a QL repair service (and for other retro computers) from just under £70: https://www.mutant-caterpillar.co.uk/shop/index.php?cPath=39&sort=2a&page=2&osCsid=jf9s4qrqfc7301veh1kqv6vvg5 Or you can access it through SellMyRetro.com: https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/sinclair-ql-repair-service-4065 SellMyRetro.com is […]

QL Serial And Joystick Plugs

The British QLs use an unusual type of plug and socket system for serial and joystick connection, which superficially looks like a BT telephone connector. But it is different – the angle and keying are different. The Samsung-made QLs sold in America and Germany are quite different and use 9-way D connectors, albeit with slightly […]