A new set of programs to handle animated GIF images on SMSQ/E systems. View animated GIFs, convert individual frames to individual PIC files or GD2 sprites, or convert the entire animation to a GD2 dynamic sprite file, compressed or uncompressed. Support for resizing, rotation and alpha transparency. There is a GIF conversion program, and an […]

Q-Liberator v3.45

Version 3.45 of the Q-Liberator BASIC compiler has been launched. This version was submitted to me by Per Witte, who has done a fair bit of work on rationalising the distribution, by splitting the compiler into a runtime disk (what you need to compile programs) and a sources disc, for those who like to study […]

P.I.Cole 2 – The Invisible Case

P.I.Cole2-The Invisible Case – The second in Andrei Tenu’s P. I. Cole series of adventures for Sinclair QL and compatibles. You are the detective Cole and you have to find and retrieve a stolen item, in order to receive the reward paid by the insurance. The story then gets more complex, and much darker, as […]