Graeme Gregory QL Website

Graeme Gregory has just announced his new QL software site, which is available at He is probably best known for his work on sQLux, an adaptation of the original uQLx emulator to SDL2 library, which thanks to additional work from Petri Pellinen is now available to run in a web browser – point your […]

Sinclair QL For Everyone

Having written about the QL Forum earlier this week, I thought I’d better mention the Sinclair QL For Everyone group on Facebook too. This is a group owned by, which I think is part of QL trader Rich Mellor’s RWAP group of businesses. It is administered by a small team of admins, including former […]

Replacement Manuals

I’m very grateful to Dean Payne of the Retro Computer Museum for supplying me with a scanned copy of the manual for the Sandy SuperQBoard interface. Although I had copies of a small “generic” manual for some Sandy interfaces, it’s great to be able to offer a full replacement manual for the SuperQBoard interface. And […]


Martin Head has updated his MDI and FDI microdrive and floppy imaging software. Updates are available for both the version 1 and version 2 FDI drivers. Martin says: “This fixes a problem with the MDI_FILE$ and FDI_FILE$ functions damagingthe maths stack.” This would mean that while the software appears to work, damage to the stack […]


A new set of programs to handle animated GIF images on SMSQ/E systems. View animated GIFs, convert individual frames to individual PIC files or GD2 sprites, or convert the entire animation to a GD2 dynamic sprite file, compressed or uncompressed. Support for resizing, rotation and alpha transparency. There is a GIF conversion program, and an […]