Propeller QL

A while back, a fellow Quanta committee member told me about a QL emulation board based on a Propeller chip, normally used in robotics boards etc., the Propeller P8X32 chip is a multicore microcontroller. I thought I’d go back and have a look at where this project got to. It seems at least two prototypes got […]

Colossal Cave

The first ever “interactive fiction” adventure game, Colossal Cave by William Crowther, is available for the QL. Tobias Fröschle obtained the sources from  and ported it to the QL. (An earlier port of Colossal Cave by D. Stevenson is available to Quanta members on Quanta Library disk GS03) Here’s the description from my website: […]

Last 5 Years

I’ve just been reading (for the second time actually, I enjoyed it so much!) Geoff Wicks’s article “The Last Five Years” on the news page of his great website at . In it, Geoff discusses all the positives and some of the disappointments of the QL scene of the last 5 years. I must admit […]

Concept 3D and Software Preservation

There has been some discussion on QL Forum lately about the merits of preserving QL software for the future. I’ve heard arguments ranging from the “publish and be damned” to “don’t even think about it until you get permission to release it”. A case in point arose in the last few days. Rich Mellor has been […]