QL-SD Production

Paul Veltjens has announced that as of Wednesday evening (23rd April 2014) twelve QL-SD sets will go on sale on SellMyRetro.com and another batch will be made available in May if enough have been sold this month. He says that within the EU, he can produce them with either a JS or Minerva ROM, and for […]


Thank you everyone who visits and reads my posts on this blog. It seems to get a pretty consistent number of visits and visitors between about 15 and 40 per day, peaking when I post something new as you’d expect. Some visitors seem to visit more than once a day according to the stats! As […]

My Website

Just done a quick check of my website and found there are 2,222 zipped files of QL or QL-related software. Any other archive formats such as the 4 .lha and two .gz archives, for example, are extra. My website seems to require 633MB, although that’s only an approximation. It’s taken me a few years to get […]

Cursor Sprites

Recent versions of SMSQ/E (I think it’s after v3.06 of SMSQ/E, but I’m not 100% sure of that) let you load a 6×10 pixel QL sprite as a cursor in place of the usual flashing red rectangle, using the extensions CURSPRLOAD CURSPRON and CURSPROFF. I’m not sure of the practical uses of this, beyond the […]

Turbo Updated

Perennial favourite software, the Turbo Compiler, has been updated yet again by George Gwilt. Now in version 5, Turbo now  allows access to its Channel Table. This table consists of a set of 32 40-byte entries one for each of the possible channels in a program compiled by TURBO. The first long word contains the ID […]