uQLx and TCP/IP documentation

I’ve created a new page in the Documents part of my website, dedicated to information about the TCP/IP access included with emulators such as QPC2, uQLx, SMSQmulator and QemuLator. Personally, I found it hard to come across the information and examples of how to use the facilities from QL BASIC, so after a frustrating few […]

SMSQ/E Manual v1.04

I’ve released a new version of the SMSQ/E and SBASIC manual. Version 1.04 adds information about the Recent Thing, ALPHA_BLEND keywords and updates the section on installations of the various versions, especially the Aurora version. The manual is available from the eBooks page on my website, to download as PDF, Word or three eBook formats […]

Minerva 1.98 on QemuLator

If, like me, you thought it wasn’t possible to run a copy of Minerva 1.98 (the most recent widely available version) on the QL emulator for Windows and Mac OSX)called QemuLator (http://www.terdina.net/ql/q-emulator.html), think again. Thanks to Per Witte and Derek Stewart on QL Forum, it became evident that the only reason that I was unable […]

Propeller QL

A while back, a fellow Quanta committee member told me about a QL emulation board based on a┬áPropeller chip, normally used in robotics boards etc., the Propeller P8X32 chip is a multicore microcontroller. I thought I’d go back and have a look at where this project got to. It seems at least two prototypes got […]