Toolkit 2

Thanks to the work and commitment of people like David Westbury, there has been a lot of interest recently in the┬ánewer versions of Toolkit 2 supplied with disk interfaces such as the Trump Card. Users have successfully separated the Toolkit 2 from the disk interface ROM, although it’s not always straightforward since the toolkit is […]

Why WMAN2?

(Warning:This is quite a long posting!) Recently someone asked why I insist most of my newer software needs Window Manager 2? He went on to claim that it discriminates against users of a BBQL (black box QL) by forcing pointer environment onto everyone, and either version 2 of pointer environment or SMSQ/E at that. This […]

Minerva 1.98 on QemuLator

If, like me, you thought it wasn’t possible to run a copy of Minerva 1.98 (the most recent widely available version) on the QL emulator for Windows and Mac OSX)called QemuLator (, think again. Thanks to Per Witte and Derek Stewart on QL Forum, it became evident that the only reason that I was unable […]