PD software again

I’m again managing to make a lot of old PD software available through my website thanks to the continued help of Martin Head, thanks again Martin. If you want to see exactly what’s been added recently, just go to the ‘List of site updates’ page, on my website, link is in the grey frame on […]

PD Software

Regular visitors to my website may have noticed a surge in PD and Freeware QL software which has become available on there recently. In part, this is due to the efforts of people like Rich Mellor who has been working very hard to try to preserve QL software for the future – this is the […]

Italian QL Meeting, Modena

At the last minute I found I was able to join in the tele-conferencing by Skype (audio only) for the Italian QL meeting, to listen to Dave Park’s talk on Sandy’s new QL hardware planned over the next year or two, and quite a presentation it was too! I hadn’t forewarned Davide Santachiara (who was […]

Italian QL Meeting

This Sunday, 18th May 2014, sees a QL Meeting in Modena, Via Tacito 65, Italy. Here’s some information from the organiser, Davide Santachiara: Start time will be 10:30 – lunch break between 13:00-14:30 (tentative) then afternoon session from 14:30 till 17:30. There will be an international session via skype tele and videoconference in the afternoon. […]