More vDrive Games

  Neal Card has kindly prepared a further 19 MDV images of QL games for use with the vDrive system. The list includes 3DOxo, Attack Of Things, Bugs Bomb, Psion Chess, Froggy, Gunner, Pacman, Paladin, Pudge, QBall, Q-Bert, Q-Games (including Darts), Space Invaders, Space Pods, Space Raid, Starburst, Starport 2001, Wipeout and Zapman. The images […]

PCB Design v7.59

Malcolm Lear has released version 7.59 of his PCB Design program for QL systems with expanded memory and pointer environment. This is a minor update to previous versions, addressing an issue causing lack of clearance around some polygons within a ground plane area. Details of updates in each version may be found in the Revisions.txt […]

BMP 1.04

Thanks to Bob Spelten, an update of the BMP graphics converter is now available from the Graphics page on my website. Version 1.04 fixes a problem with conversion of Mode 33 images on Q68 (and probably Q40/Q60 too), which could result in incorrect colour conversion due to incorrect interpretation of the I bit.. The Files […]

Q68 Networking

Are you one of the lucky owners of a Q68 system? Would you like to network it to other QL and compatible systems with network ports? You’re in luck. Thanks to the foresight of Q68 designer Peter Graf, it was possible to make a small modification to the hardware to add a network socket, but […]