QBits Software

I’ve added quite a few QL software packages from QBits to my site this week. These are mostly updated versions of older QL software from the company. Games, file handler, sound and graphics programs are included. Mostly in BASIC with PDF manuals. When these were announced on QL Forum, many of the early adopters remarked […]

More vDrive Games

  Neal Card has kindly prepared a further 19 MDV images of QL games for use with the vDrive system. The list includes 3DOxo, Attack Of Things, Bugs Bomb, Psion Chess, Froggy, Gunner, Pacman, Paladin, Pudge, QBall, Q-Bert, Q-Games (including Darts), Space Invaders, Space Pods, Space Raid, Starburst, Starport 2001, Wipeout and Zapman. The images […]

Wallpaper Program

Recent versionsof SMSQ/E from about version 3.00 feature high colour and high resolution screens along with the new Window Manager. This makes them very suitable for displaying colourful and attractive background images behind your program windows. These images are called wallpaper. SBASIC provides a convenient to use command called BGIMAGE which lets you display saved […]

PCB Design 7.54

A new update of Malcolm Lear’s PCB Design program is available to download free of charge from my website, at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/graphics/index.html or http://www.greybeardz.com/graphics/index.html. The previous version available from my site was v7.52, so here’s a list of changes since then: 7.53 Fixed bug in editing mode logic, present since version 7.51. Rem’d out development code. […]