QL Wikis

There are two QL Wikis that I know of – both of which cover very different areas. Rich Mellor’s QL Wiki at http://www.rwapadventures.com/ql_wiki/ contains a wealth of information on software and hardware, books, QL history, platforms, traders, personalities and all sorts of things! It’s even possible to sign up with Rich to edit and add pages […]

QL eBooks

Having been a Kindle owner for nearly a year now, I’ve experimented with making available QL manuals and reference guides in formats suitable for use with various eBook readers. My eBooks page at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/docs/ebooks/index.html contains a selection of QL books in .mobi, .epub, .pdf and a couple of .azw3 (Kindle) formats. I’m told that Kindle can also […]