PCB Design 7.54

A new update of Malcolm Lear’s PCB Design program is available to download free of charge from my website, at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/graphics/index.html or http://www.greybeardz.com/graphics/index.html. The previous version available from my site was v7.52, so here’s a list of changes since then: 7.53 Fixed bug in editing mode logic, present since version 7.51. Rem’d out development code. […]

Launchpad Now Freeware

My Launchpad program launcher software is now available to download and use free of charge. Available as version 1 for systems with pointer environment but no Window Manager 2 and a version 2 for WMAN2 systems. There is an information page at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/gen/launchpad/launchpad.html. Follow the link from that page to the Launchpad Downloads page.

Pyramide Software

Some of the Sinclair QL titles formerly sold by Pyramide are now available as Freeware, thanks to permission from Daniel Purlich. I am grateful to Rich Mellor for contacting Daniel and securing his permission to release these programs. So far, I have added QL Peintre (an art program), Troll (adventure game), Graphic Toolkit (graphics programming […]

Concept 3D and Software Preservation

There has been some discussion on QL Forum lately¬†about the merits of preserving QL software for the future. I’ve heard arguments ranging from the “publish and be damned” to “don’t even think about it until you get permission to release it”. A case in point arose in the last few days. Rich Mellor has been […]