uQLx and TCP/IP documentation

I’ve created a new page in the Documents part of my website, dedicated to information about the TCP/IP access included with emulators such as QPC2, uQLx, SMSQmulator and QemuLator. Personally, I found it hard to come across the information and examples of how to use the facilities from QL BASIC, so after a frustrating few […]

Minerva 1.98 on QemuLator

If, like me, you thought it wasn’t possible to run a copy of Minerva 1.98 (the most recent widely available version) on the QL emulator for Windows and Mac OSX)called QemuLator (http://www.terdina.net/ql/q-emulator.html), think again. Thanks to Per Witte and Derek Stewart on QL Forum, it became evident that the only reason that I was unable […]