Q-Writer and Full House

Jochen Merz has given permission for two of his early softwares to be released as freeware. Full House is a fruit machine poker game similar to many arcade machines found in Germany in the 1980s. Written in 100% machine code with good colour graphics. No manual, just a reproduced review of the game (anyone have […]

Front Page

I’m pleased to announce that Peter Chambers of GAP Software has given permission for the Front Page range of QL desktop publishing programs to be made available as freeware. So I have made available copies of Front Page, Front Page Extra and Front Page Extra 2 programs. Front Page was the first version and can […]

SMSQ/E Manual Revision

Version 1.05 of the SMSQ/E Manual is now available from the eBooks page on my website. The list of updates is: – Updated notes for DRVCHK and DRVLINK utility programs. – Added documentation for new FSEND_EVENT function. – Q68 SMSQ/E pages added. – SMSQ/E Troubleshooting section updated by Wolfgang Lenerz. Download in a number of […]


SERMouse is a software driver from Albin Hessler to connect a serial PC mouse to one of the serial ports SER1 or SER2 of a QL. A specially wired adaptor cable is necessary between the mouse connector and the QL serial port. The driver exists both, in a 2-button mouse (Microsoft mode compatible) and a […]

Classic Adventures

John Jones-Steele, who ran Abersoft in the 1980s, has given permission for the Classic Adventures package to be released as freeware. The package includes two text adventure games, “The Adventure” and “Mordon’s Quest”. The first is based on the famous adventure game by Crowther and Woods, the first of its kind, while the second is […]

Stuart Honeyball

I regret to have to report that I heard this morning of the death of Stuart Honeyball of Miracle Systems. He passed away peacefully last night (28th March 2018) at 23:45 of cancer, according to his wife, Karin. I’m sure you’ll all want to join me in extending our condolence to his wife and family […]