P.I.Cole 2 – The Invisible Case

Screen Dump from P.I.Cole 2

P.I.Cole2-The Invisible Case – The second in Andrei Tenu’s P. I. Cole series of adventures for Sinclair QL and compatibles.

You are the detective Cole and you have to find and retrieve a stolen item, in order to receive the reward paid by the insurance. The story then gets more complex, and much darker, as you play.

It’s an illustrated adventure game, with commands chosen from a menu using cursor arrow keys. The author describes the game as “much more complex than the first game” (the first game was P.I.Cole, The Case Of The Missing Doxie). You need to solve a lot of puzzles, not necessarily in linear order, although your previous actions (or lack of actions!) may have an impact on the developments in the game, possibly even affecting the ending. There are 3 possible endings – a happy ending and 2, let’s say, not so happy. So save often! You might need it! In addition, try not to end up in hospital!

Toolkit 2 is needed to run the game.There are three versions of the game for different systems – a generic zip file, qxl.win-style image and a floppy disc image, follow the instructions in the manual to install your chosen version. Unlike the first P.I.Cole game, there is no MDV image for this one as the game is just too large.

In addition to a PDF file manual, there is an eight page “walkthrough” document to help you when you get stuck.

Download the game from the Sinclair QL Software-Games Page on my website. QL Forum members can also download it from the P.I.Cole Sequel thread on the Forum.

A screen from P.I.Cole 2 – The Invisible Case

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