Q68 Networking

Are you one of the lucky owners of a Q68 system? Would you like to network it to other QL and compatible systems with network ports? You’re in luck. Thanks to the foresight of Q68 designer Peter Graf, it was possible to make a small modification to the hardware to add a network socket, but up until recently there was no driver software to take advantage of this. Well, thanks to Martyn Hill, there is now. His driver software was announced recently via QL Forum, and is now available to download from the Q68 page on my site at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/q68/index.html . Also, the details of how to make the modification consisting of two resistors, a 3.3V Schottky diode and a 3.5mm jack socket are available from the same page. Martyn has even included the sources for the driver software. If anyone is interested in ordering a Q68 system, please contact Derek Stewart via QL Forum.

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