uQLx 2018a Update

A further update of uQLx emulator for Linux systems is now available to download from the Emulators page on my website at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/emu/index.html#uQLx_for_Linux_etc.. This is version 2018a.

In cases of difficulty remember it is also available from the backup site at Greybeardz.com http://www.greybeardz.com/emu/index.html#uQLx_for_Linux_etc.

The zip file includes 32-bit and 64-bit binaries, plus a uQLx manual as a PDF file, and a short README file detailing the changes made by Timothy Swenson.

Please remember that this is an UPDATE package only, so the original ‘uQLx2017’ remains on the page.

Thanks to Graeme Gregory for the original 2017 port and to Timothy Swenson for being ready to produce this update.

uQLx 2018a

uQLx 2018a – screen dump of cover page from uQLx manual.


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