Other OS Software page

I’ve started a page on my site dedicated to software for software running on other operating systems which are directly or indirectly useful to QL users running emulators, for example.

The most obvious software to include is file transfer stuff.

The page was inspired by ToFro’s suggestion on QL Forum about the JoyToBas PC joystick to keypress conversions software for PCs, which of course makes it easier to run QL games etc on emulators where the QL game control is via cursor emulating joystick or mouse of course.

Much of the software on the page initially is already on my site, scattered across several pages, so this page brings it together with links to the relevant pages to make it easier to find things.

If anyone has suggestions for software to include here, let me know, I’ll see if I can stuff as time and relevance permits.

The page is called simply Other OS Software (never been good at finding imaginative names!) at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/other/index.html



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