Front Page

I’m pleased to announce that Peter Chambers of GAP Software has given permission for the Front Page range of QL desktop publishing programs to be made available as freeware.

So I have made available copies of Front Page, Front Page Extra and Front Page Extra 2 programs.

  • Front Page was the first version and can run on unexpanded systems.
  • Front Page Extra was an enhanced version.
  • Front Page Extra 2 added even more facilities such as higher resolution fonts.

I’ve included manuals for FP Extra and FP Extra 2 as scanned Word and PDF files. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the manual for the original version, so if anyone has a copy which could be scanned and made available, please get in touch.

Download the Front Page programs from the Graphics page on my website at

Picture of Front Page Extra manual cover

Front Page Extra manual cover.


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