QL 2002 The DVD

Darren Branagh has kindly given me permission to make available an .iso image of “QL 2002 The DVD”. Being an .iso image, you can burn your own copy of the DVD for posterity with most DVD burner software. A scanned image of the DVD sleeve is also available.

It was originally released in 2002 by Q-Celt Computing in Ireland, edited and produced by Stephen Reyal and Darren Branagh.

The DVD was shot on location at the 2002 Quanta Annual General Meeting and Workshop in Manchester and gives an insight into the QL scene at that time, some 20 years after the QL was first conceived by Sinclair Research.

Presented by Darren Branagh, there are interviews with key players in the QL world, historical information, a tour around the dealers’ tables and a look in on the Quanta AGM itself.

Please note that this is a very large file to download. The .iso image is about 3GB in size even when zipped.

My thanks to Simon Foster whose request to locate a copy of the DVD led to me seeking permission to make this available.

Download from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/ql2002dvd/index.html

Scan of sleeve of QL 2002 The DVD

QL 2002 The DVD sleeve


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