Tetroid QL Interfaces

Russian hardware developer Tetroid (of Novosibirsk in the Russian Federation) has been very active on the QL scene of late.

Vitaly has released several interfaces, including a Trump Card style disk and RAM expansion unit, a disk interface and a variant with a built in Qubide compatible interface and Compact Flash card storage, a Sinclair QL Power Module (7805 replacement), a Gold/Super Gold Card replacement battery module, a Gold Card clone and a ROM Switcher Lite – an interesting small circuit board to replace the QL ROM with (as Tetroid put it on SellMyRetro.com):

This ROM switcher has 512Kb ROM , that allows to have 8 pages for 8 ROM images.
ROM switcher has 4-position switch, 3 switches ( SW1 – SW3 ) for select the ROM image.
SW4 switch adds ROM area C000 – FFFF ( Toolkit 2 ), ON – adds, OFF – w/o using C000-FFFF.

8 most popular ROM images is already programmed, such as Minerva ROM, JM, JS, MG ROMs for different languages and Toolkit 2 2.23.

Items can be ordered and paid for with PayPal, with the prices listed being in US dollars.To find the interfaces on SellMyRetro.com, just search for the word “Tetroid” in the search box on the site. Pictures of the interfaces may be seen on the site.

Interesting to note that at the time of writing this article, Tetroid has a 100% positive feedback rating on SellMyRetro so you should be confident in ordering online.



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