Q68 Advance Notice

The long-awaited Q68 system, a 68000 compatible processor based development of the Sinclair QL has finally been announced. Designed by Peter Graf (designer of the Q40 and Q60 systems) and announced by Derek Stewart with anticipated availability of mid October 2017, the Q68 is supplied as a small 8x10cm circuit board. The price is yet to be decided.

Q68 circuit board

Q68 circuit board

This system uses the SMSQ/E derivative of the original Sinclair QL operating system, with support for Q60-style high colour graphics, stereo sampled sound, QXL.WIN container storage systems (like many QL emulators) and many other features.

Here’s a list of the Q68 features:

  • Operating System: SMSQ/E
  • CPU: 68000 compatible
  • Speed: 40Mhz
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • SDHC: Two fullsize slots, hot plugging
  • QXL.WIN style storage container format
  • Keyboard and mouse: Combined PS/2 Connection, scrollwheel support
  • VGA: 1024×768 VESA for flatscreen, CRT or HDMI converter
  • Graphic modes:
  1.  256×256 QL Mode 8
  2.  512×256 QL Mode 4
  3.  512×256 Q60 65536 colour
  4.  1024×512 Q60 65536 colour
  5.  1024×768 QL Mode 4
  6.  512×384 Q60 65536 colour
  • Serial port
  • Stereo sampled sound, 3.5 mm output socket
  • Buffered real time clock
  • I2C interface
  • Ethernet, no software support yet
  • QL style LED colours
  • PCB Size: 8×10 cm
  • Recommended power supply: 5V @ 1A
  • Silent operation, no fans or heat
  • Case: Optional

One thought on “Q68 Advance Notice

  1. A wonderful piece of hardware! For the case….obviously the original! Inside of it Ithink that we can collect two or three of Q68 boards 🙂

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