New Photon

David Westbury has sent me a new version of the Photon graphics viewer, along with a new version of the PHGTK toolkit of graphics conversion functions.

Photon now supports output to PIC files with a command such as  EX Photon,infile$,outfile$;command$ and the \m16\m32\m33 mode number switches. It is now possible to save converted files from Photon in a mode other than the current display mode, as long as you use the mode switches, otherwise it defaults to the current screen mode.

Dithering is now possible for 256 colour files, to produce better colour output in mode 16 from Photon.

PHGTK: the author says “Small update to PHTGK, I have combined separate parts into one whole.”

Download the combined Photon and PHGTK package from the Graphics page on my website


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