First came QubATA, the enhanced drivers for QUBIDE IDE interfaces for the QL.

Now comes QubQ40, which implements QubATA style drivers for Q40/Q60 systems. It sits and works alongside the existing Q40 IDE hard disk drivers, so Original Qubide media such as CF cards can also be directly used if inserted in the Q40 IDE slot with adaptor.

This driver, with associated utilities, supports a primary and secondary IDE controller with 1 to 4 physical drives on the Q40/Q60 platforms.

The BASIC extensions are renamed from WIN_ to QUB_ to avoid clashes.

Includes CD Explorer and CD audio player programs, like QubATA.

All QubATA commands and features should work on Q40: direct raw access, trashcan, partitioning, CD audioplaying, alien media. See the Q40_Notes_txt file supplied for a fuller explanation of the differences.



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