New QubATA Driver For QUBIDE

This is a complete new driver for QUBIDE cards (QUBIDE is an IDE hard disk interface for QL systems) fitted with the version 2 GAL chip upgrade.

It can be installed in a ROM on the QUBIDE card, or LRESPRed into RAM as a _rext file. Both versions are included in the distribution.

This is v3.06, and includes a new manual as a PDF file. Several new and enhanced commands. Fast device detection, up to 16×2 devices (with Expander), full compliance with ATA/ATAPI-4 protocol and removable media support, full Trashcan and associated utilities, enhanced direct raw access and “alien” devices support.

Brand new is the Audio CD playing set of commands (largely compatible with those in QPC2 – audio is played via the CD drive panel).

Optimised and working slave blocks buffering with various sizes (up to 64 sectors per block) without side effects. Full unsigned arithmetic allowing big partitions/files up to 2GBytes, the largest for the QDOS FS with this driver.

QubATA screen

QubATA screen


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