Too Many Games

Who said the QL didn’t have many games?

We noticed a while back that the Games page on my website had too large and difficult to manage. Then along comes Rich Mellor with his usual brand of common sense and good logic and suggests splitting the page up by moving all the adventure games onto a page of their own.

It took me a while (I don’t exactly have much time on my hands right now!), but it’s done. At the moment it’s two pages – “Adventure Games” and “Other Games“.

Some other good news. This week, Marcel Kilgus got permission from Jochen Hassler to release DISA and the ATR driver (DISA needs a manual if anyone can help with scanning one, while the ATR driver software has a German help text and a machine translated English help text, can anyone help with improving the English one?), so I’ve added those to the website. Details on Marcel’s blog at

Marcel also got permission from Jochen Merz to release a version of Menu_Rext (the runtime extensions from the QMenu package). so if you have some freeware software which needs the Menu Extension (don’t worry about the two names Menu Extension and QMenu, one refers to the software, the other to the programming guide), you can now get a free copy of menu_rext along with ATR and DIS from my website. Go to the site updates list on my website and follow links to the various packages.

And there’s more good news to come. Bob Spelten jr. has been hard at work on an update to my BMP program for converting graphics files between PC and QL. The list of changes he’s made is quite long and he’s already sent me more than one update – hopefully we’ll get a release together soon.

Even better news – a new version of QPC2 – more information about that on Marcel’s blog too – and an update to SMSQ/E from Wolfgang Lenerz’s SMSQ/E site.

Quite a lot happening on the QL scene all of a sudden!


4 thoughts on “Too Many Games

  1. Wow, I didn’t even know this version of the ATR device, I just have one that completely replaces the original ROM (for Sandy at least).

  2. Hello,

    May I ask how to process the downloaded files from your archive will put on a floppy disk.
    Sorry for the question, but I QL rookie.
    I’m QL and FDD controller.

    thanks Jack

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