Toolkit 2

Picture of a plug-in Toolkit 2 EPROM cartridge

Picture of a plug-in Toolkit 2 EPROM cartridge

Thanks to the work and commitment of people like David Westbury, there has been a lot of interest recently in the newer versions of Toolkit 2 supplied with disk interfaces such as the Trump Card.

Users have successfully separated the Toolkit 2 from the disk interface ROM, although it’s not always straightforward since the toolkit is sometimes slightly larger than the 16K EPROM slot address range, so it’s not possible to just burn it into an EPROM to use on a QL, for example.

Some users will install these to run from RAM memory instead of an EPROM image. Do bear in mind that on some fast systems, changes in timings may affect the reliability of network drivers, for example. Also, bear in mind that Toolkit 2 EPROM images require a call to an initialisation routine – simply LRESPRing the toolkit may not quite work – you may notice that nothing happens, the toolkit is not recognised, or you get gibberish using some extensions because the defaults haven’t been set up.

Also, bear in mind that when I secured permission to make Toolkit 2 available, that permission was granted on the basis of making it available to emulator users, so it’s entirely possible I may be asked to remove these modified Toolkit 2 images if they are abused, so I ask users to be responsible in their use of these images.

An example of what has been achieved is the extraction of versions 2.23 and 2.26 of the toolkit. A 16KB trimmed version of Toolkit 2 has also been created, by removing the code for CLOCK and ALARM procedures (these procedures are available as a small binary file which can be LRESPRed alongside the toolkit if required). An alternative approach was to create a 64K combined JS ROM and Toolkit 2 image – there is a small amount of unused space in the JS ROM which was enough to incorporate the slightly over 16K code of these recent toolkits.

These toolkits are available to download from


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