Minerva 1.98 on QemuLator

If, like me, you thought it wasn’t possible to run a copy of Minerva 1.98 (the most recent widely available version) on the QL emulator for Windows and Mac OSX)called QemuLator (http://www.terdina.net/ql/q-emulator.html), think again.

Minerva v1.98 on QemuLator for Windows

Minerva v1.98 on QemuLator for Windows

Thanks to Per Witte and Derek Stewart on QL Forum, it became evident that the only reason that I was unable to get v1.98 working was that it’s not a nice tidy 48K long – it’s a little shorter, thus not quite a 48K ROM image!

By just padding it with enough bytes to make it exactly 49,152 bytes it was possible to make it work. Derek kindly provided me with a copy in the required length and it magically worked. Thanks again, Derek.

It also transpired that the matter had been dealt with before, in fact – Per Witte kindly gave a link to a previous discussion on Minerva Assembly on QL Forum about a year ago – have a look at this thread:


Per also prepared a set of notes to help those interested in reassembling the Minerva sources available from my website at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/qlrom/index.html (Disassemblies & Sources section). The Minerva sources are also available from author Laurence Reeves’s website at www.bergbland.info – click on the Downloads link.


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