SMSQ/E Manual v1.03

I’ve issued a minor update of the SMSQ/E manual, version 1.03, which fixes a few minor typos and layout issues, plus adds the FEX_M BASIC keyword.

Possibly of even more interest is the fact that I’ve created an HTML version which can be read online. It was simply saved as filtered HTML from Word, rather than a purpose-made HTML file, so there may be layout differences, and the index at the end refers to the page numbers of the original A4 manual which don’t exist as such when reading online. Hopefully the advantages of having this manual available online will outweigh any layout deficiencies.

The online version is about 900KB in length so may take a while to load on a slow internet connection.

The SMSQ/E manual is also available as a PDF file, or as eBook formats .epub, .mobi and .azw3 in both A5 and A4 layout sizes.

To access the SMSQ/E manual, point your browser at the documentation pageĀ on my website and click either on the link to the Online SMSQ/E Manual or eBooks page.

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