It’s some time since I’ve released a new QL program, so I’m very pleased to announce the release of my Q-Bar taskbar and start menu system for SMSQ/E or QDOS with pointer environment version 2 or later.

Q-Bar Taskbar (At The Bottom Of The Screen)

Q-Bar Taskbar (At The Bottom Of The Screen)

Q-Bar features an auto-hide taskbar, which displays a list of running jobs and lets you pick or remove those jobs. The taskbar can be set to appear on any of the four edges of your screen, and may be set to auto-hide, i.e. only appear when the pointer is near that edge of the screen (auto-hide can be turned off if you prefer, in which case it works like a normal QL program).


The Start menu is a bit like the Quicklaunch menu in my Launchpad system. Just click on the little red, white and black icon (it looks like the QL monitor screen) to make the Start menu appear. This menu can have sub-menus, so you can create groups of programs, e.g. Games, Databases, BASIC programs…

Picture of Q-Bar Start Menu

Q-Bar Start Menu

No more tedious typing EXEC commands and filenames to start your favourite QL programs – just add them to the launcher menu and click on them to start them every time you want to use them.

You can manually run programs too, by typing in their filenames or using the file menu system to locate them if you feel you don’t use them often enough to warrant adding them to the menus. The launcher includes a Locate screen too (click on the magnifying glass icon) so that if you are not sure where you stored the program on a drive, or can’t remember the full filename, you can type in a partial filename and let Q-Bar search for it for you.

Q-Bar can work with other program launcher systems such as my Launchpad or Q-Dock programs. Q-Bar is a freeware program, which is available to download from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/frontend/index.html


7 thoughts on “Q-Bar

  1. Only one word… Bravo!
    It’s a fantastic feature for our beloved QL
    Thank you for your effort in developing new software for us.

    • In the usual way for QL software. It comes with instructions within the zip file. Please note that it is not suitable for use with an unexpanded QL – it cannot be used from microdrives and will need expanded memory. If unsure how to download, unzip and install QL software in general, please read the documents on my website at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk which cover this type of question I am asked all the time.

      • Thanks for the information.
        Self QubIDE and SD-ql.
        The problem is that when you extract your archive using the image editor I got three files.
        qbar.def, qbar.doc and qbar.obj
        The program will try to run exec_w win1_qbar_obj
        You appear to me at the bottom of the screen rectangle in which the data: 512 Stack: 4096 156
        If you press any key rectangle disappears.
        Pointer environment and installed toolkik I’m interested in where I’m wrong?
        Thank you for the advice.

  2. What is the error message text? The numbers do not help.
    What QL ROM version?
    What pointer environment version?
    What Qubide ROM version?
    Then I can try to set up a similar version to test what is going wrong.

  3. Thank you very much for your willingness, I’m really a novice in using this excellent computer QL.
    I have a system in Minerva 1.98
    QubIDE in 1.56
    Pointer environment:
    HOT_REXT 2.31
    PTR_GEN 2.03
    WMAN 2.05
    Toolkit 2.23

  4. It seems that the problem stems from the use of MODE 8 (i.e. pressing F2 at startup to put the QL into TV mode). Like most of my PE software, Q-Bar is not designed to work in MODE 8, the icons and buttons and menus just don’t fit with the double size text etc. And I am unlikely to make software like this work in MODE 8 as not many people use the 8 colour mode these days other than for running older software. There are some other issues Jack_Free has kindly told me about in an email and I will continue to look into those as we try to work out what is going on.

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