Pyramide Software

Pyramide Logo

Pyramide Logo

Some of the Sinclair QL titles formerly sold by Pyramide are now available as Freeware, thanks to permission from Daniel Purlich. I am grateful to Rich Mellor for contacting Daniel and securing his permission to release these programs.

The Designer package

The Designer

So far, I have added QL Peintre (an art program), Troll (adventure game), Graphic Toolkit (graphics programming aid), Nucleon (modular programming aid) and Bag of Tricks 1 and 2 (as the name implies, a collection of miscellaneous programs, extensions and tips), and a CAD package called The Designer.

Also available as freeware is a keyboard utility package called the AZERTY  Pyramide ROM Version 2.4, Copyright 7/85 by P. Godenne. Allows AH, JM, and JS ROMs to support the AZERTY layout – download this and its manual from the QL ROMs page.

Peintre, Nucleon and Troll

Peintre, Nucleon and Troll

To download the other packages, go to my website and look at the List Of Site Updates page, where you will find links to the pages containing the individual packages.


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