Q-Dock Sprites For Launchpad 2

Not only is Q-Dock now available, and its sprites downloadable for free, Ian Burkinshaw has converted the sprites for use with Launchpad v2.02 or later (earlier versions do not support GD2 sprites).

Ian converted the original 32×32 pixel .png versions of the sprites to 32×24 using Irfan View on a PC, then used Marcel Kilgus’s program PNGconv to convert the resized icons to GD2 sprites for use with GD2 QL-compatible systems. Both the .png and _spr (QL sprite) versions can be freely downloaded from the Q-Dock page on my website – http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/qdock/index.html

To add the _spr versions of these to Launchpad is a little bit fiddly, since the facility was a bit of an “afterthought” well after Launchpad was written. For full details, see the history_txt file on Launchpad disk 1 and look at the notes for v2.02 of Launchpad, where this was first made possible. This describes how to set up a text file called LP2sprites_dat which resides in the Launchpad installation directory, where it is found automatically by Launchpad next time it starts.

The text file should have the four characters “LP2S” (without the quotes) on the first line of the text file, then each line contains the full filename of up to 126 sprites (one name on each line) which Launchpad is to use. Since Q-Dock has about 500 icons, you will need to choose 126 of these at most, since that is all (!) that Launchpad can handle.


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