Quanta Mags Online

John Gilpin has just let me know that thanks to help from his local QL group NEMQLUG he has been able to make the entire first volume of Quanta Magazine available to download from the Quanta website.

As this is “QL Is 30” year, this is good news indeed, as there is a lot of interest in looking back at those heady early days of the QL.

Those first magazines (or “newsletters” as they were referred to in those days) were edited by Quanta founder, Leon Heller. At first, the group was called the Independent QL Users Group, abbreviated to IQLUG, which some found hard to pronounce, so after a while IQLUG adopted the name Quanta, which had always been the title of the magazine. Leon equated the name Quanta with the term “QL Users ANd Tinkerers Association”, a somewhat contrived acronym, but the name has stuck to this very day.

The magazines can be downloaded as PDF files. The quality of print on the original copies was not good enough to reliably OCR, so John has recreated the magazines. They don’t look like the originals, but are easier to read and search.

You don’t have to be a member to download and read these early issues of the magazine, so download them from http://www.quanta.org.uk/ , go to the QL Resources tab and click on Magazine Archive.

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