New Magazines Page

QL Leisure Review 1 cover

QL Leisure Review 1 cover

I’ve added a new page to my website where I hope to include scanned copies of QL-related magazines.

To start things off, I’ve included copies of the old CGH games magazines, the QL Adventurers Forum (all 9 issues) and QL Leisure Review (all 2 issues).

These are downloaded as zipped collections of scanned pages, one jpeg file per page.

If anyone would like to make these into PDFs, please feel free! Equally, if anyone with the time and resources can scan copies of other QL related magazines, copyright situation permitting (we did get permission from Richard Alexander to include the CGH mags) we can add those too.

2 thoughts on “New Magazines Page

  1. You might want to point out that if people rename the file to .cbz then comic book readers will accept it as a comic. Makes it nice and easy for people with tables/kindles to read.

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