New Pointer Environment

The latest versions of the Pointer Environment files are available to download from my website now.

The current versions are:

ptr_gen (Pointer Interface): v2.05

wman (Window Manager): v2.07

hot_rext (Hotkey System II: v2.31 (in English, French and German versions)

If you have never used the pointer environment before, there are some articles about it on my website at

Briefly, the file “ptr_gen” adds mouse and on-screen pointer arrow routines and saves and restores the content of windows so that you can switch between programs and have the display of the current program restored automatically without usually having to press a key to manually redraw a window. “ptr_gen” by itself is generally known as the “pointer interface”

“WMAN” is short for Window Manager. This provides resources so that programs which know how to use it can all take on a standard appearance, e.g. menus look the same.

“Hot_Rext” is known as the Hotkey System II. Hotkeys are a form of user-defined keys which can work in any program since the hotkeys are controlled by an independent job running in the background on the QL (the infamous multi-tasking capability!)

The equivalent of these three files is built into the SMSQ/E version of the operating system. You only need to use ptr_gen, wman and hot_rext on QDOS (including Minerva) and the old original SMSQ (note, without the /E) as used only on the QXL emulator card.

The combination of all three is known as the Extended Environment, just simply because it extends the capabilities of the original QL beyond all recognition. Not everyone likes it – some prefer the old-fashioned command-line system – but for most, once tried, you never want to go back!


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