QL Game Box Sets

QL Game Box Set

Adventure Game Box-Set 1 from RWAP Software (picture from SellMyRetro.com)

RWAP Software have now released 4 in a series of box-sets of QL Software, to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sinclair QL.

Included in the box sets are some games which are rarely seen in the QL community and have been resurrected as a direct result of the QL Software Preservation Project.

The QL has never really been thought of as a games machine, even though many good quality games have been released for it over the years, so this is quite a radical idea from RWAP. Whether you’re into games or not, these packs represent excellent value.

This might look like a blatant advert for these game packs from me but we all know the quality of RWAP’s QL software and services, so I feel quite justified in spreading the word about them.

The box sets are:

QL Adventures 1:
Return to Eden, Nemesis MKII, The Darkside of the Moon, The Lost Kingdom of Zkul, Horrorday

QL Adventures 2:
The Prawn, West, Mortville Manor, Aquanaut 471

QL Games 1:
Nebula II (both French and English versions), Hoverzone, Alien Hijack, FlightDeck, Black Knight, Puzzle Mania

QL Games 2:
QL Flight Simulator, Blast Buggy, Night Nurse, The Lonely Joker, Hopper, Gwendoline

More details and ordering appear on SellMyRetro:

I have already heard some very positive feedback from early users who say that these were delivered quickly and that the standard of presentation was very high. I’m not an adventures player so I won’t be buying those, although I may well be buying one of the other two collections when I’ve decided which! Given the number of games in each box-set they are good value at £20 per set (or just £15 for Adventures 2) through SellMyRetro.com.


One thought on “QL Game Box Sets

  1. I’ve buyed the game box1 and… sure is fantastic! Rich has created a jewel with that package for appereance, professional box and manual inside and also for stickers on floppies 😉 a great job for our beloved BBQL

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