PD Software

Another nice little batch of free programs added to my website. Thanks again to Martin Head for all his help…I think he’s rediscovered a few of his own programs from a couple of decades ago along the way!

Martin’s had to slow down a bit as I’ve been struggling to keep up with adding them to the website, there’s about a couple of dozen to go from the latest batch he sent me I think!

For a 30 year old computer, it’s quite amazing just how much old software there is out there for the Sinclair QL, just waiting to be discovered. And it’s not just one type of program such as games, for example, it’s pretty well across the board. One of the latest additions is, would you believe it, a ZX81 fileserver program! So appropriate that we’re able to make so much available in this 30th year of the QL.

I think Rich Mellor’s finding the same thing with his software preservation work – he does an awful lot of work behind the scenes trying to find and contact authors of old commercial programs to try to get permission to re-release them.

You can see the list of recently added programs on http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/history.html

Keep an eye on it, much more to come over the next few days…


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