PD software again

I’m again managing to make a lot of old PD software available through my website thanks to the continued help of Martin Head, thanks again Martin.

If you want to see exactly what’s been added recently, just go to the ‘List of site updates’ page, on my website, link is in the grey frame on the left of the home page at www.dilwyn.me.uk

Among the little gems added today (literally) is a QL screen to Atari GEM screen converter written in just a few lines of SuperBASIC, a QL SuperBASIC to Pascal compiler, also written in SuperBASIC, a shell program for the GST C compiler, plus more to come.

As an aside, does anyone reading this know of a company called Pigsty Software from about 1989, from somewhere near Bristol, England. We found a neat little Morse Code Trainer program from this company and would like to find out if they did any more software for the Sinclair QL. The author’s initials are ‘MSR’ and first name Martin, and the program is PD (it says so within the program), if that jogs any memories!


2 thoughts on “PD software again

  1. Hi i just wanted to say thank, for all you works and online contributions to the QL community. Everything you do is greatly appreciated. it was a great computer by any standard. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Synergetic Creations

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