PD Software

Regular visitors to my website may have noticed a surge in PD and Freeware QL software which has become available on there recently.

In part, this is due to the efforts of people like Rich Mellor who has been working very hard to try to preserve QL software for the future – this is the 30th year of the QL after all.

But behind the scenes, someone else is working very hard to help me sift through the seemingly endless supply of QL software and I’d like to extend a public vote of thanks to Martin Head for this.

Martin has been very active in going through older PD software, zipping it all up into separate packages and providing me with short descriptions, so all I have to do is transcribe and copy the email content to my website. It still takes some time, of course, but nowhere near as much as it would have without Martin’s help.

I don’t know if Martin will appreciate the public thank you like this (I hope he does!), Martin: Thank You Very Much.


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