Italian QL Meeting, Modena

At the last minute I found I was able to join in the tele-conferencing by Skype (audio only) for the Italian QL meeting, to listen to Dave Park’s talk on Sandy’s new QL hardware planned over the next year or two, and quite a presentation it was too!

I hadn’t forewarned Davide Santachiara (who was chairing this presentation) that I’d be joining in – indeed until about half an hour before the event I didn’t even know I’d be joining in 🙂

Davide graciously allowed me to listen in and I even got to ask Dave a question during the session.

As the meeting was, of course, in Italian, Davide had arranged with Michele Perini in Toronto, Canada to provide an English/Italian translation service. Davide confessed he was not a Skype expert and not convinced it would all work with video from Dave and from the meeting, plus a mix of audio-only group participation when Arvid, Ken, Michele and I were all to take part in addition. But for the most part it went quite well, apart from the occasional distortion and one or two losses of connection, which for a fairly long (more than an hour) group call with mixed video and audio-only wasn’t bad! (Skype claims to be able to handle a group video call of up to 10 users, or up to 25 for an audio-only group – worth remembering for future QL meetings!)

Davide later told me that in addition to the 5 of us on Skype, 14 were present at the meeting in Modena which must qualify as quite a successful meeting given that there isn’t an active formal QL group in Italy at the moment.

A bonus from the meeting was that Andrea Carpi had produced a special version of his Euro Converter program (v1.70) specially for the meeting – it now adds the Estonian, Latvian and Slovakian currencies to the list of currencies supported by the program. You can get this latest version free from Davide’s website at

Roll on QL Is 30 in Edinburgh in October!


2 thoughts on “Italian QL Meeting, Modena

  1. Yes, most of the time, although it was only a little over 1 inch square. Occasionally, the meeting video would disappear for a few seconds, but overall, it was just great! Geoff Wicks and the guys in Edinburgh should feel confident that they can use Skype to great effect at QL Is 30 in October.

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