SMSQ/E Manual

Just completed a second revision of the SMSQ/E manual. I’ve now added a keyword index, changed the layout a little, corrected a few minor typos and (at the suggestion of Marcel Kilgus) I changed the master document to use a proper Word table of content and keyword index – that way if any changes are made in future, I just click on update and the page numbers are all updated automatically.

I’ve laid it all out in such a way that it’s easy to change the layout between A4 and A5 by just changing the page size and margins. Coupled with the Table of Content and Index functions, that makes it much easier to produce the A5 version, which is better for eBook readers.

Then, using the Calibre software, I can then make .azw3 (Kindle), .mobi, .epub to go with the PDF versions on my website at

Kindle owners can even email it as an attachment to their Kindle email accounts – I find it really useful to have QL reference manuals on an eBook reader.

The SMSQ/E manual revision was one of those projects I originally decided to undertake for my own convenience, but I was quite pleased with the result and decided to make it available given that you can now download SMSQ/E sources and binaries from SMSQ/E Registrar Wolfgang Lenerz’s website at


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