Thank you everyone who visits and reads my posts on this blog.

It seems to get a pretty consistent number of visits and visitors between about 15 and 40 per day, peaking when I post something new as you’d expect. Some visitors seem to visit more than once a day according to the stats!

As expected, QL hardware and news posts seem to get the most hits, with the rest pretty evenly spread.

I’m pleased to see that my policy of linking to sites related to what I write about seems to work – Geoff Wicks, for example, says on his News pages that “During the [1st] quarter [of 2014] 23 visitors came to the site via the Dilwyn Jones blog.”

I wasn’t too sure when I first started the blog if anyone would bother reading it at all, I’m very glad you do!

So I’m delighted that QL users are making use of sites like mine. It goes to show that since the demise of QL Today magazine, there’s still a demand for QL-related news and such like.


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