My Website

Just done a quick check of my website and found there are 2,222 zipped files of QL or QL-related software. Any other archive formats such as the 4 .lha and two .gz archives, for example, are extra.

My website seems to require 633MB, although that’s only an approximation.

It’s taken me a few years to get to this point, although the work is far from done – I have loads and loads of QL PD/Freeware/Shareware programs yet to be added. Just goes to show that anyone who reckons the QL is or ever was short of software is, to put it simply, wrong. Any shortage is actually shortage of time to sort it all out, not shortage of software as such.

Working with Rich, Tim, Urs and Lee on the QL Preservation group tells me quite categorically that even after thirty years I daily come across software I’d never seen for the QL before.

In fact, I sometimes get the impression I won’t be able to make all PD software available online during my lifetime!



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