Turbo Updated

Perennial favourite software, the Turbo Compiler, has been updated yet again by George Gwilt.

Now in version 5, Turbo now  allows access to its Channel Table. This table consists of a set of 32 40-byte entries one for each of the possible channels in a program compiled by TURBO. The first long word contains the ID of the QDOS channel, or -1 if none is open. The rest of the entry contains information about graphics for CON or SCR channels.

TURBO_CH(#N) returns the absolute address of the entry for channel N. N can be either an explicit number (between 0 and 31) or a variable containing the number.

Turbo Toolkit v3.43 now contains the keyword TURBO_CH which, if used in S*BASIC, returns 1.

George also releases the source files for his work, so if you are interested in how these things work, you can download the sources to have a look.

He’s also updated his GWPK package, which contains the GWDISS disassembler for all 680xx processor series, plus the Net_Peek software, which displays RAM in various ways.

These programs can be downloaded from George’s website at http://gwiltprogs.info/ or from my site at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk


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