SMSQ/E Manuals

Picture of the SMSQ/E manual

Picture of front of the new SMSQ/E manual

For the last week or so I’ve been working hard on updating the SMSQ/E operating system manuals. I have been fortunate to have the original files from Jochen Merz, who kindly gave me permission to make use of them to produce and release the new manuals.

What I wanted to do was to bring them up to date, as the paper copies I had were from some time ago. Even the documents I got from Jochen did not include mention of some of the more recent keywords and facilities added to SMSQ/E, for example, there was little or no mention of the Home Thing facility.

Fortunately, the SMSQ/E Registrar Wolfgang Lenerz has ensured that some documentation updates were available in the SMSQ/E source files which could be downloaded from his website at so between those notes and looking at the sources I was able to enhance and update the manual.

This version is an all-in-one manual. It includes the supplements for the various hardware platforms (QL, QXL, QPC, Q40/Q60 and Atari emulator, though not yet SMSQmulator). The hope is that the SMSQ/E Registrar can make this manual available via his SMSQ/E site to ensure it’s kept up to date as SMSQ/E evolves.

The manual is available to download in PDF, ePub, Mobi and azw3 (Kindle) eBook formats from my QL eBooks page at


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