QL Games Cartridge

The original QL Games Cartridge supplied with the QL has been available from the Games page on my website for a while now.  It includes the games Pirate, Zfred, Gun, Breakout and Hunt (Treasure Hunt).
Sadly, it turns out it was partly broken all along. If you downloaded this before today (27/03/14) you may find it does not work due to a missing file called ‘mc’ which caused the Breakout game to fail, so you should download the amended version uploaded there today.
The problem areas have  been rectified and/or improved by Rich Mellor, many thanks Rich. This now needs Toolkit II to get the Zfred game to work on more than a standard 128K RAM QL. Rich has also added a MODE 8 command at the start of the Treasure Hunt game to improve the look of the display when it is first run and supplied the ‘mc’ file which was missing from the earlier version.
I’ve also added a scanned PDF of the original 2-page instructions letter sent out by Sinclair with the QL Games Cartridge.
Download both from the Games page on my website:

2 thoughts on “QL Games Cartridge

  1. From what I know of the Games Cartridge, it was a Microdrive cartridge (a tape) and not a plug-in ROM cartridge as such. But if anyone knows better…

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