QLMonitor Mode Displays

In an earlier post, I have referred to the Upscaler device from City Skys which lets you connect a QL to a flat screen TV with HDMI input via a SCART cable from the QL. This unit actually allowed a QL to display the full 85 characters on such sets used as monitors.

However, the particular unit I mentioned was not available in some countries.

A user on QL Forum (jimre) has found an equivalent unit available in several European countries, at:


Read his post about this at http://qlforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=770&start=40 where he has also posted a link to some pictures he took of the display he got using this unit to connect a QL to a Samsung TV/Monitor.

Picture of Scart to HDMI unit

Scart to HDMI unit

At the time of writing the price was €55,00 plus delivery cost.


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