QL Forum

QL Forum just keeps expanding – now up to 216 members with new members seeming to join every few days now.

I was wondering if I ought to ask for commission 🙂 … I happened to mention the Forum on ql-users list a few days ago and there was an immediate small rush of new members. What’s 10% of, umm, free membership?

One of the few (only?) things which puts people off QL Forum is that some people have got used to the QL-Users List way of doing things, namely receiving the messages by email, whereas you normally have to make the effort to log on to forums to read the messages, so just having the messages turn up by email without effort on your part is so useful and time saving.

A while back, someone suggested I use RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) in my browser to read the messages, which was OK.

Then someone told me about the Blogtrottr  (that’s not a mis-spelling) service to receive QL Forum postings by email. That way, I can just read the emails as they arrive and if I feel like replying or asking something, only then do I log on to the Forum, when I need to write something. It’s essentially like RSS by email.

Blogtrottr is free to use at https://blogtrottr.com/ and all you need to do is enter the address of qlforum http://www.qlforum.co.uk and the email address you’d like the feeds sent to, and how often it should send you emails (e.g. real time, hourly, daily digest…)

It just meant I didn’t have to log in to QL Forum regularly to read things, I could just get all the postings by email at my leisure like I do for ql-users list. It’s been a very reliable service and you can choose whether to have things ‘as they happen’ or a daily digest, for example.

Picture of QL Forum index page

QL Forum index page


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