QPC1 Now Free Too!

Marcel Kilgus has already made the QPC2 emulator free, and it seemed odd that the only QPC1 download available was a demo version.

Well, thanks to someone requesting it, Marcel has now released a full and free version of QPC1 via his website. But why go to the trouble of updating an old emulator?

Well, QPC2 requires a fairly modern version of Windows (XP or later). QPC1 will run on a DOS or early Windows system,  making it useful for use on older PC systems. In fact, anyone happening to have an older PC otherwise destined for recycling could breathe new life into it by putting QPC1 on to make it into a “QL”. Put something like FreeDOS on the PC and try QPC1 on it.

Anyway, QPC1 is there for anyone who’d like to try it – visit Marcel’s website at http://www.kilgus.net/qpc/downloads.html (scroll down to the bottom of that page and click on the QPC1 v1.52 FULL version link.


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