QL Blogs

Of course, this is not the only Blog that mentions the QL!

Here are a few others I know of who mention the Sinclair QL – in this day and age of fast modern communications, things like Blogs, QL Forum, QL Users Mailing List and so on all help us keep in touch and read about our favourite retro-computer!

Personally, I use the rather good blog facilities at WordPress.com which is fairly easy to learn (important for me!) and offers quite a few ready made templates. You can actually build a complete website with it by adding pages as tabs to the blog site – in a similar way to how I’ve added the ‘Home’, ‘About’ and ‘Contact Me’ pages which happen to be at the top right of this site, but could be along the top in some templates, for example. If you have been thinking of doing a Sinclair QL blog or website, it’s a fairly easy way to get started. Like everything else, there’s a lot to learn at first, but once you’ve done a posting or two, it quickly becomes second nature.

Obviously if you know of any more blogs, please let me know!

Armchair Arcade (Bill Loguidice), includes QL posts
Daniele Terdina’s Q-emuLator blog.
Dave Park, Sandy Electronics, blog.
Dilwyn Jones (that’s me!) QL blog.
John Alexander’s blog – includes QL entries.
Lee Privett’s QL blog
Memory Lane Computing’s Blog for Ser-USB, Q-BUS etc.
Old Machinery blog, QL entries,  by Tero Heikkinen
QL Heaven blog
QBlog – a Spanish QL blog.
Radastan’s QL blog (Spanish)
Urs König’s QL blog

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