Last 5 Years

Last Five Years web page

Last Five Years web page

I’ve just been reading (for the second time actually, I enjoyed it so much!) Geoff Wicks’s article “The Last Five Years” on the news page of his great website at .

In it, Geoff discusses all the positives and some of the disappointments of the QL scene of the last 5 years. I must admit I was surprised that there was so much good news around in recent years.

Having just put together the news pages for Quanta magazine, and found I had 28 (yes, 28) A5 pages of news to write about, I thought “wow, Geoff is so right”.

What with QL-SD finally making an appearance and much talk of new hardware on the horizon plus the new online chat in QL Forum (which now has nearly twice the membership of Quanta!), not to mention activity on the software front, it looks like 2014 might be agreat year for us all as QL users!


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